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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  December 22, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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comment on the new legislative district plan the district line also change from what they were to adjust to the population shifts according to the committee. >> this was always an inconvenience, a shifting but also required of us so we protect the one person, one vote principle upon which this facing -- nation is founded. >> reporter: it doesn't come without controversy. >> it's unconstitutional. >> reporter: the senator believes some of the district lines are so spread out they don't make sense. >> it's so bad, and it destroys so many communities that i can't believe the person who did it knew what they were doing. >> reporter: some feel it's an tament to water down the african-american vote by splight up certain communities. they also question the timing of the report and the hearings.
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>> why is the black committee only given six days to respond. if this isn't racial die luges, what do we call it? >> reporter: this is the 12th and final hearing on re-districting. in annapolis, don harrison. >> the last re-districting map was sent to maryland's highest court and was deemed uncease -- unsatisfactory. the service commission find pepco for long power outages. the electric company was fined wednesday for failing to maintain its system properly for years and subjecting customers to lengthy outages.
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we are days away from christmas now and plenty of people are still trying to get some of that last-minute shopping done before the big day. criminals are counting on this. we have tips to stay save. >> reporter: abc2 is working for you through crime checker. tonight we want you to think twice about parking while doing your holiday shopping. park in a high visibility area and check for lighting. prior to arriving at the shopping center, lock all of your valuables in the trunk of your vehicle. leave the store with others. ask security top escort you to the car. you want to watch for people who may be tomming you -- following you. if you suspect you are being followed, report it immediately.
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security remains tight at the mall and other shopping centers. if you'd like to check out some of our past crime checkers, head to our website. here's a lack plat some of tonight's stop -- look at some of tonight's top stories. police were called to a home last night after neighbors found a lot of noises. they found a man who had been stabbed several times. investigators are asking anyone with information to give them a call. the nfl is changing the way it handles serious head injuries. the league will provide a certified athletic trainer at all games and will have access to all instant replays and aplot medical staff it use -- allow the medical staff to use their
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cell phone. chloe boyce became stranded for several hours after being dishod get off a -- asked to get off a plane during a layoff. the parents were never notified. unbelievable stuff, mid-60s. 66 at the inner harbor. 61 in wilmington. these numbers way above average by 20 degrees, not the record-setting warmth of yesterday. take a look at current temperatures, still mild. 50s, low 50s to upper 50s based on where you're at. winter begins today. our winter solstice starting with rain, not wintry weather, just a lot of liquid. this evening still dry. by 9:00, 10rbgs the rain will be -- 10:00, the rain will be
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coming down. well, if you're in north baltimore, in about an hour you're going to see a sea of police lights. nothing to worry b everything -- about. everything is okay. firefighters are delivering the toys that you made possible. the 13th annual kindertime toy drive is about to get exciting. in the midst of that you'll see lynette charles. >> reporter: it's always difficult to move around here but that is a good problem to have. i'm here with the gentleman that always solved our problems. we have the baltimore county fire department to my life and the state troopers to my right. we have firefighter fulton. i'm talking about the problem. how does it make you feel to solve these types of problems?
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>> we're happy to continue this work with our firefighting activities. we think this is important. >> reporter: speaking of why the memories, what does it make you feel to be a part of this? makes me feel proud to help. >> reporter: let's go to the state troopers. how does it feel? >> we remember our tropper who died. it's so important to remember those who are in a much tough are condition than we all are. we are fortunate to give them the type of christmas they deserve. >> reporter: again, it's all about the cimsd. the kids are in for a big treat. kelly was talking about the big
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sendoff. that's still to come. we'll be seeing lots of sirens and lots of horns blaring out there. i'll send it back to you. coming up abc2 news at 5:30, new surveillance video has law enforcement puzzled. why they believe the geezer bandit may not be a geezer. we're not sure if it's edible but this 70-year-old fruit cake does have a lot of history. i'm from baltimore, maryland. i'd like to send a shoutout to my friends and family at home. i love you guys and will see you soon.
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this video out of southern california has lawrmts -- law enforcement scratching their head. this man is called the geezer bandit. you're looking at a robbery at the bank of america. the dye pack exploded. with such speerksd the so --
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speed, the so-called geezer bandit ran away. they believe the man was wearing an elaborate mask and the fbi is tying it to 16 situations. this is not just any fruitcake. this one is 70 years old. a state liquidatetor in ohio found it with a note attached. the cake has traveled thousands of miles and has been subject to all kinds of climate conditions and shock and now it can be yours. the proceeds will go to charity but there's no guarantee it's edible. maybe it's better than regular fruitcake since it's 70 years old. the race is tight heading into iowa. and ups workers are working as hard as santa's elves. how the company is dealing with the busiest day of the year.
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all right. it has been one warm day out there especially for this first day of winter. i'm telling you, man, not record highs but not far off. 55 now at bwi. you got to keep in mind our average high temperature for this time of year is normally low 40s so quite a change. take a look i want to explain. here's the deal about the winter solstice. it's the sun angle. the strongest rays and it's summertime in australia. it would be a great time to take a trip to the land down under.
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this will change tomorrow as we get steadily longer days and the sun will move back north but it will be several months. today temperatures up around 60 or higher in many, many spots. that would include downtown today. cloudy skies. this is our view from the maryland science center, weather looking good. same deal on towson, weather was great. how about one more stop in annapolis at the state capital. look how glassy calm the severn river was. five sweeps looking for any sign of rain. you only see five sweeps on abc2, southwest of fredericksburg. so quite the mild start to winter 2011, 2012 and highs today unbelievable. not quite to the record level
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but only five degrees off as we get 66 downtown. neighborhood by neighborhood tomorrow we will cool it off. 55 phelps point. how -- on the whole a decent day and heavy rain overnight. if you opened the window because it's warm, shut them tonight. big storm coming in, heavy rains. it's going to be a quick mover. if we get one, two inches of rain, fine but it won't be hanging out for long. the rain maker still in the tennessee valley. there's a leading edge that could get in here in two hours. last-minute runs, do it in the
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next two hours. through the day dry conditions and as we get to saturday, all sunshine, looking good. overnight down to 44. rain develops, gets heavy, clears by morning, wet roads. 54 degrees for your high today. still above average. 33 tomorrow night and the weekend, this christmas weekend, looking good for the ravens game, 47 with sun, clouds increase christmas day, maybe rain showers. we have to take the chance for snow out. >> thanks a lot. well, gop presidential hopeful ron paul abruptly ended a cnn interview after being expwd controversial news -- asked about controversial news letters publicked in his name in the 1980s and '90s. here's his response.
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>> do you know? >> i don't know what you're talking about. it was published for 10 years. so if that was one percent i talked about gold stocks, i think you're confused on that. >> one of the comments was a statement from 1992 which said order was only restored in l.a. when it came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks. he said he was not aware of what was in the news letter until a decade after they were released. tonight newt gingrich is lowering expectations in iowa. let's start with gingrich changing his tune a little bit. >> reporter: he may be.
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it was two weeks ago newt gingrich was soaring. since then he has come back to earth. iowa is 12 days away. so a couple hours ago this is what the former house speaker said about his chances in iowa. >> my goal is to be in the top three or four. i'd love to win, but to be in the top three or four. >> reporter: so to lower expectations. then he thinks he can win south carolina and florida, their primaries later in january. >> looks like the wives are getting in on the action. >> reporter: i'm a married man. you want to show off your better half to make yourself look good. new campaign commercials and look who's starring in them.
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>> i'm anita perry. you can never predict what kind of tough decisions will could. is there anything more inspiring than american towns and holidays brightly lit for the holiday. >> reporter: we've seen a lot of anita perry and romney. some are criticizing gingrich over being married three times. >> the candidates stuck near the bottom of the list got the late-night treatment. >> reporter: you're talking about governor jon huntsman. he got a big endorsement from one of the newspapers. last night on david letterman he talked about why he decided to become ambassador to china. >> i speak chinese.
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i thought if you can help your country in this most critically important time, if you don't do it you would be unpatriotic. >> reporter: listen to him on the keyboard here. not bad there. jon huntsman can definitely play key boompletd he use -- keyboard. he used to be in a band when he was younger. it is a huge day at the station, 13th annual kindertime toy drive wrapping up and a big success. let's check in with lynette charles. i was just out there. looks like they're lining up getting ready for the big sendoff. >> reporter: we're actually outside now. so we moved the party. this is a big party outside. you can see lots of the emergency vehicles behind me. those emergency vehicles are getting ready to take those toys to the kids who are in nee.d the
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spirit is very contagious. the toys, the kids are going to be happy. hour are you feeling? >> this is a great time. it's to make our our community a better place to live. tonight we get to do it in a special way, put smiles on kids' faces. >> reporter: thank you for being here. we'll go over to sheriff jesse bane. why do you come back every year and do this? >> i think the police officer, sheriff, officers -- this is one way of giving back to the community and really show me someone in the profession that doesn't have a heart for kids and this is what it's all about this time of the year. we're more than out looking for bad guys and making arrests.
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we want to help kids that are not going to get anything for christmas. this gives you a warm feeling. >> reporter: i couldn't have said it bet are myself. the kids will get the toys and they will love them. don't go anywhere. coming up at 6:00, the cause of that fire that destroyed the mt. washington tavern. you'll hear what the owner is doing to rebuild. when this comes to your kids, we know it's a challenge to make sure they're getting enough sleep. those stories and more coming up at six. now we have a preview. coming up on world news, baby boomers, the revolution ari new treatment that could eliminate the need for surgery. is it right for you? that's on world news.
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what a heartbreak. your order can't be filled. that's what happened at some -- to some best buy customers. the overwhelming demand from best led to problem lemes. what a bummer. ups is hard at work. over the course of this week it's handing out more than 120 million packages. they're adding more flights. if you procrastinated, you still have time.
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ups is delivering through christmas eve. another great charity in our area helped out a record number of people today. the salvation army is make sure they have a better christmas. a new overpass, an intersection in harford county was supposed to solve some major traffic problems. is it helping. it's been two years since a fire destroyed a baltimore landmark. what the owners are don'ting -- doing now. you're looking live outside our station, fire trucks, police cars. it's part of the sendoff. lynette charles is there. we'll tell you coming up. first, a road created to solve some big traffic problems in harford county


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